Located on the highest point of Tumon Bay, along the stunning Gun Beach, The Tsubaki Tower combines the ancestral Chamorro traditions with the comfort of modernity.

Inspired by the local kindness and the Japanese savoir-faire , The Tsubaki Tower aims to offer the highest service quality on the island.

Experience the feeling of infinity, enjoying a spectacular view over the Pacific Ocean from one of our 240 contemporary Rooms and Suites, designed to suite best our guests 'needs.

Dining venues and Bars invite you to a culinary journey, where local cuisine meet the Japanese art of perfection to create worldwide class beverages and delicacies.

For further discoveries, treat yourself to a memorable moment at our garden plaza, our infinity pool, as well as our exclusive services and much more.

Enjoy the Journey

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Realize your ambitions
Be proud to represent Tsubaki
Rise up your professionality

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In the middle of the Pacific Ocean lies a tropical Island known as Guam

A place where the Chamorro, the Spanish, the Asian and the American cultures have melted together in the past to create an unique identity.

Today Guam welcomes millions of travelers a year from all over the world. We, The Tsubaki Tower, will open a new chapter of discoveries and delight, we call it "the tsubaki journey".

The Tsubaki Tower is a place for you to feel special, an opportunity for guests to escape from their oridinary life, an adventure to be lived, a home to proudly belong to.


  • 1Exclusivity

    We aim to create a unique experience for each of our guests at every stage of their journey with us.

  • 2Sophistication

    We promise our guests the supreme experience in each and every moment they will spend with us.

  • 3Innovation

    We are not scared to challenge the status quo, we are constantly looking for ideas and inspiration to create the ideal stay.

  • 4Respect

    We respect the nature of human diversity, developing harmonious relationship with our guest, staff and local community.

  • 5Guåhan

    We value our island’s and our staff’s origin, individuality and culture, we keep learning from them everyday.


To be recognized as Guam's hospitality innovator who shares our island's wonder with the world.

To deliver the highest service standards on the market and to become a subject of pride to our guests and employees.

Opening in March 2020
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P.H.R. Ken Micronesia, Inc. was established as an operational

Company for the hotels holding in Ken group.

  • We currently own six hotels and one golf course in Guam, which are Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Pacific Islands Club, Hyatt Regency Guam, Hotel Nikko Guam, The Tsubaki Tower and the Country Club of the Pacific.

    We currently own and operate about 30% of Guam’s hotel market. We limit our business to upper upscale and luxury properties.

  • We are continuously working on raising the value of Guam as a sightseeing destination and endeavor to provide comfortable, pleasant service to tourists visiting Guam.
    Furthermore we address to get tourists closer to local culture of Guam.

    We also actively participate to the local community's life. One of our goals is to make a difference in people’s lives and we help to strengthen the community by donating our time, skills, and resources to promote a safe environment for our tourists and residents.

Learn more about P.H.R. Ken Micronesia


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    Medical/Dental Insurance Coverage

    We pay 100% of the monthly premiums for the employee (employee only)

  • 02

    Life Insurance

    We pay 100% of the premiums for the employee (employee only)

  • 03

    Group Auto Insurance

    12 months to pay premiums through payroll deduction

  • 04

    Personal Leave

    Based on total regular hours worked for the year. 1yr - 10 days, 2 to 10 yr - 15days

  • 05

    Inhouse transfer

    Employee may request for transfer to other department if vacancy exists.

  • 06


    TTT offers training applicable to the operations of the company at no charge to the employee

  • 07

    Room Discount

    Employee is entitled to a special, discounted room rate with breakfast.

  • 08

    Food and beverage discount

    Employee is entitled to up to 50% discount at food & beverage outlets.

  • 09

    KEN Employee discount card

    Employee may apply for the PHR ken employee discount card to receive 20% discount at KEN hotels.


List of open positions

Application for Butchers

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Connect with us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions and
inquiries you may have

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Privacy Policy


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